Marcella Donati




Inside Terme del Tettuccio - Viale Verdi - Montecatini Terme (PT)



From May 16 to October 31, 2015

Admission with the Baths ticket



The path between interior and exterior of the Terme del Tettuccio (Tettuccio Baths) on which the works are placed – site specific installations and paintings -, not only plays on the correspondence between the colors of nature and those of the works exhibited on the walls of the Turelli Gallery, but it also represents the labyrinth of  reflections that water builds, in its transparent flowing, in order to sow the most varied emotions.

The water, here in Montecatini and more generally in the world and in the human life, certainly is the primary element, the most urgent subject we have to deal. Despite being the inspiration of the artist, the exhibition wants to bring it out mainly like synonymous of life-giving energy, power capable of shaping many microsystems with intrinsic artistic quality. The ‘green to which Marcella Donati looks’ is obviously fed by water, and moreover, it develops in its reflection, in its transparencies in many directions. The installation that we meet just crossed the central loggia, in front of the Turelli Gallery, is instead the cry for help that it utters, out of its regenerating role, through many iniquities – desertification, intensive farming, waste, pollution…- as if on the way the human consciousness go missing somewhere, now accustomed to the form rather than to the substance. 


Going under the arch of Solum per Aqua, stopping to break down and reassemble the prisms of green of  “Where is green I look”, diving into the clots of blue acrylic that penetrate the paintings as if to touch a bottom or a top, this is the invitation that Donati and the curator Maurizio Vanni, famous art critic, address to all those who identify in a cultural event the chance to meditate, to see beyond the transparencies. 


The admission to the exhibition is conditional to the Tettuccio Baths entrance and it follows its timetables and prices. 



16th of May at 6.00 pm - Terme del Tettuccio


Saturday, May 16, in the park in front of the Antico Caffè Tettuccio at 6.00 pm, will be inaugurated the exhibition Transparent Reflections by Marcella Donati curated by Maurizio Vanni. 


In addition to artist and curator, it will be attended by the Mayor of Montecatini Terme Giuseppe Bellandi, the Councillor for Culture of the Municipality of Montecatini Bruno Ialuna, the Marketing Director of the Baths Massimo Giovanetti, Elena Turelli and Luciano Geloso of the Turelli Gallery. 



Special thanks

Maurizio Vanni, Municipality of Montecatini Terme, Culture Department of the Montecatini Terme Municipality, MO.C.A. (Montecatini Contemporary Art), Elisabetta Turelli - Turelli Gallery, Massimo Giovanetti Marketing Director of Tettuccio Baths, Antonio Galassi Medical Director of  Tettuccio Baths, Nadia Nesti, ArredaOra, Action Giromari, Riccardo Brizzi, Giuseppe Cabras photoreporter, Nonamephoto Agency, Michael Barbour, Antico Caffè Terme Tettuccio, Sandra Salvato Communication - Press and Media Relations Office.