Marcella Donati was born in San Pietro in Palazzi, in the province of Livorno. From this countryside, and from the sea that claims its closeness at just 15 minutes by car, Donati absorbs since her childhood profiles and colors, shapes and meanings. Once she ended the teaching schools and obteined the degree at the Faculty of Education in the Tuscan capital, she began a career in publishing and advertising.

Painting and sculpture, until then never forgotten, come back powerfully in the artist's life from the late nineties, at the same time of the exit from the SPE (Society Editorial Advertising) for which she handled much of the Tuscan territory.

Papier-mâché, alcohol colors, oil colors, ceramics, become a favorite subject. The 2000s, which see her active both nationally and in the rest of Europe, are those of experimentation and openness to new styles of expression. She recently found in the "cypress" the inspiration for most of her production.

Her works are in permanent collections both Italian and foreign. She has exhibited in galleries and public spaces with personal and collective exhibitions. She's part of the Group Donatello.